Counter Strike Alter

Counter Strike Alter Ein Counterstrike-Verbot wird geprüft

Demnach spielen etwa 50 Prozent der bis Jährigen ". Mit Einführung der gesetzlichen Alterskennzeichnung für Computerspiele am hat die USK im selben Jahr das Spiel mit der Alterseinstufung ". Spielbeschreibung: Im Bereich der Ego-Shooter, oft auch "Ballerspiele" genannt, gehört das Counter-Strike-Franchise zu den beliebtesten Videospielserien. Altersfreigabe · USK · USK ab 16 freigegeben · PEGI · PEGI ab 16 Jahren empfohlen. Counter-Strike-Wettbewerb auf der Intel Friday Night Game Counter-Strike [ˈkaʊntəˌstɹaɪk] (engl. für Gegenschlag), kurz CS, ist ein Videospiel für den. Die Altersfreigabe von PEGI bezieht sich nur auf die Versionen für PlayStation 3 und Xbox Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (kurz CS:GO) ist ein.

Counter Strike Alter

Altersfreigabe · USK · USK ab 16 freigegeben · PEGI · PEGI ab 16 Jahren empfohlen. Counter-Strike-Wettbewerb auf der Intel Friday Night Game Counter-Strike [ˈkaʊntəˌstɹaɪk] (engl. für Gegenschlag), kurz CS, ist ein Videospiel für den. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Plattform: Microsoft XBOX Genre: Shooter (​Taktik). Publisher. Valve Software. Altersfreigabe. Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren. Die Altersfreigabe von PEGI bezieht sich nur auf die Versionen für PlayStation 3 und Xbox Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (kurz CS:GO) ist ein.

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SPIELE SERENGETI HEAT - VIDEO SLOTS ONLINE Aus der Jugendredaktion. Valve Corporation, abgerufen am 4. Novemberarchiviert vom Original am Weitere Projekte. In: VG Siehe : E-Sport.
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COUNTER-STRIKE (Honest Game Trailers)

The original Counter-Strike came exclusively with multiplayer, without computer-controlled players. Over time, however, several server-side modifications have added bots for in-game use and bots were officially introduced in its later successors, Counter-Strike Xbox and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

Counter-Strike has been praised worldwide for its highly competitive multiplayer. The decision to make the game multiplayer only roots back to its mod origins.

Doing a single-player game would have entailed much more work as new models and AI code would have been needed for enemies as opposed to a multiplayer game which requires considerably less work.

There are three official scenarios, each with their own teams, objectives, and maps. In all cases, the two teams are the Counter-Terrorists face off against the Terrorists.

In the original retail release, a short single-player only training map was included but this was removed when the game was transferred to Steam.

There are three official scenarios in Counter-Strike : Assassination , hostage rescue and bomb defusal.

A fourth scenario, known as escape , existed during the Counter-Strike Beta. The scenario itself is still playable, but all of the official maps were removed prior to the game's release.

In this scenario hostages are being held by the Terrorists. Official maps feature between 3 and 5 hostages, though most maps feature 4 hostages.

The Counter-Terrorist team needs to rescue these hostages by escorting them to a hostage rescue zone.

The Terrorists must prevent the hostages from being rescued. Victory can also be attained by eliminating the opposing team.

This scenario features two bombsites and one Terrorist starts off with a C4. The bomb must be planted at either bombsite.

After the bomb has been planted, it will explode after a certain amount of time. During this time, Counter-Terrorists may attempt to defuse the bomb and successful defusal will make the Counter-Terrorists victorious.

If the bomb explodes, the Terrorists will win the round. It is also possible to win a round by eliminating the opposing team.

VIP in Oilrig. This scenario is the least popular of the three and only a single map, Oilrig , is featured in the latest release of the game.

Some maps feature only one escape zone while others feature multiple escape zones. Both teams have a restricted arsenal of weapons available for purchase.

Like in other scenarios, victory can also be attained by eliminating the opposing team. Counter-Strike features a large variety of maps that take place in different environments including urban, arctic, jungle and desert settings.

During the post-beta stages, maps were still rotated in the official distribution on a slightly smaller scale. Since the release of Counter-Strike 1.

It should be noted that the majority of maps for the game were created by people that were originally simply hobbyist mappers.

When Valve Software later bought the rights to Counter-Strike and its content these became the first works published at retail for many of the level designers.

Counter-Strike features a variety of weapons, ranging from knives to shotguns and submachine guns.

The weapons for Counter-Strike were chosen mainly based on two criteria. For one, the weapons had to be satisfying to use and they had to look and sound cool.

The other criteria was realism and what weapons the factions would likely be using in real-life. The former of these criteria was given more weight than ensuring authenticity.

Inspiration for potential weapon candidates were taken from various movies. Most of the information regarding the weapons themselves was sourced from the internet or from gun magazines.

Counter-Strike notably features left-handed weapon view models. These models were made as left-handed because the creator of these models and the main man behind Counter-Strike , Minh Le , is left-handed and thus preferred animating the weapons from that side.

Counter-Strike features a total of 25 weapons , some of which are exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists and others which are exclusive to the Terrorists.

The list also indicates the original name of a weapon from the mod release if applicable. Along with the weapons, there are nine pieces of acquirable equipment , three of which are grenades.

If ammunition , the radio and the flashlight are to be included, the number of equipment is increased to twelve. Counter-Strike features a number of different factions that are aligned either with the Counter-Terrorists or the Terrorists.

The only difference between factions of the same side is the player model that will be visible to other players. Player models for the Counter-Strike Beta had been created by Minh Le , however for the full release Valve Software stepped in to provide new player models because the old models were inefficient in terms of polygon count and texture sizes.

With the release of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero 1. Previously, there used to be no direct way of disabling these upgraded models.

The game started out as a Half-Life modification on the GoldSrc engine. It went through numerous iterations and it grew in popularity to become one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time.

During the fifth beta Valve Software decided to get involved and eventually purchased the rights to the game.

On August 31, it was announced that Counter-Strike would be released as a retail product in addition to also being available as a mod for Half-Life.

With the impending retail release, various legal issues had to be sorted out. One of these issues was the weapon names. They were changed to bogus names in order to avoid legal issues.

Some textures were found to have dubious origins and they had to be remade or censored, which lead to some changes in maps for the retail release.

For the maps that weren't purchased by Valve, Minh Le decided to reimburse the authors out of his own pockets despite him having no obligation to do so.

Naturally, the new version of the game would also feature new content. Three new weapons were modeled for the release by Minh Le. Also, all new player models were provided by Valve Software.

In October it was stated that the mod version of the game would be released as soon as the retail version had gone gold.

Much like during the beta stages, various patches were released for the game after its full release.

Since Valve was now involved, updates that needed substantial changes to the engine were also possible. This included the introduction of a brand new spectator mode in Counter-Strike 1.

On June 12, Counter-Strike 1. Counter-Strike had already made an appearance on Steam during early closed beta testing of both Counter-Strike 1.

In October the news were dropped that Counter-Strike 1. The game would be updated numerous times during this beta test and Counter-Strike 1.

Counter-Strike 1. A Counter-Strike 1. In-game advertisement in Dust2. In an update was introduced that caused quite a lot of controversy even before its introduction: in-game advertisements.

On January 29, a beta of the game was made available for Linux and Mac OS X and on February 14, support for these platforms was officially released.

The sound effects for the game were primarily the responsibility of Jess Cliffe. Some sound effects were also done by other people.

Frag A kill. Framerate The number of frames per second fps being rendered in-game. Flash Using a flashbang grenades to blind an opponent.

Flavor Text The description of an item aside from its primary function, such as a weapon skin description.

FPS A First-person shooter game. Frames per second. Friendly fire Damage given to or sustained from a teammate. FF Shorthand for Friendly fire.

Full Hat One team eliminates the other without any of their players being killed. Full buy When a team can and does buy armor, good weapons, and utility.

Full eco When a team buys nothing in order to save money. Sometimes expressing surprise, disbelief or admiration after an unlikely event, a problem, or a nice shot.

GH Shorthand for "Good Half. GJ Shorthand for "Good job. Usually as a force buy. Glock Shorthand for the Glock Gun round When both teams have enough to buy armor, helmet and rifles.

H Hacks Hacking or cheating in some way. Headshot Shooting a player in the head often resulting in a one-hit kill.

HP Hit points. The amount of health the player has ranging from full to 0 death. I Imbalanced Used to refer to a weapon whose statistics give it an unfair edge compared to other similar weapons.

Weapons that are called this are usually in dire need of a nerf, as it gives a user a silly advantage over another that shouldn't really exist.

Info play Making a "play" to gain information on the other team's positions or intentions, rather than to simply kill an opponent.

In game leader The team "captain" that makes team decisions during a game about what the round's plan will be i.

J Jiggle peek Coming in and out from behind an obstacle to either get information without being constantly exposed or to bait out a shot from an opponent.

Jump spot Jumping from behind an obstacle only to see if anyone from the opposing team is there. K Kill assist Getting points for wounding a player prior to his or her death.

Kit The defusal kit or the rescue kit. Considered a price-stable commodity. Lit Easy way of saying "He is hit". Usually used in conjunction with the amount of hit points dealt to enemy i.

Loss bonus How much money the losing team gets after a round ends. This amount increases with each consecutive lost round, up to a maximum of 5 rounds.

Lurk When one player usually a terrorist plays silently on their own to gain information covertly, get behind enemy lines unnoticed, or otherwise catch the other team by surprise with a play.

M MM Shorthand for match making. Term for using a middleman during a trade. Map The specific place that a single game is played.

There are seven official maps used in tournaments, and each team will specialize in a subset their "map pool". Map control How much of the map you currently have players on, or knowledge of whether or not there are opposing players there or not.

Map pool A sub set of all official maps that a team practices most and is comfortable playing. Marketplace Steam's self-contained community area where users can buy and sell items.

Mid Short for middle of the map. Most maps have a middle "lane", or pathway, which offers additional paths to both bomb sites.

Because of this, controlling the middle of the map is important for both teams, since it increases or decreases the number of entrances that need to be defended.

N Nade Shorthand for the HE grenade. Sometimes refers to any grenade. Nerf Reducing a weapon's effectiveness after a game update.

Newbie A friendly term indicating a player who is new to the game. Not to be confused with noob. Ninja As a counter-terorrist, reaching and defusing the bomb by circumventing living terrorist players and obscuring their sight instead of eliminating them.

As a terrorist, reaching the bomb site and planting the bomb without engaging the counter-terrorists on-site. Noob A derogative term indicating a very irritating player.

Not to be confused with newbie. Noob cannon A derogative term referring to "easy-kill" weapons such as the XM or semi-automic snipers.

Noscope No-scope Killing an enemy with an unzoomed sniper rifle. NV Shorthand for night vision. NVG Shorthand for the Night vision goggles.

Also known as 1deag or Juan deag. OP Shorthand for "overpowered," usually referring to a weapon capable of dealing incredible damage with little effort.

P P2K Shorthand for the P Para Shorthand for the M PCW Shorthand for "practice clan war," in which two teams play against each other in an online game, generally 5on5.

Peek Suddenly coming around a corner. Pick A single kill. Usually in isolation from as a result of a play. These kills usually inspire a team play that would have been less successful without the kill.

For example, a terrorist getting a pick at the B bomb site could lead to the decision to rush B, since it would typically be vulnerable until CTs rotate.

Pop flash Timing a flash to explode as the player peeks around a corner or attempts a takedown either by coordinating with a teammate, or by bouncing the flashbang off nearby surfaces from behind cover as a solo player.

Pre-fire Shooting at a position you know or expect an opponent to be holding as soon as you emerge from behind an obstacle e.

This gives you opponent no time to react, improving the odds of getting a kill. Rarely used in Global Offensive as there are more than one pump shotguns featured in the game.

Push An attempt to gain control of a portion of the map. Usually a bomb site, but could be used to refer to any portion of the map.

Q Quick switch Rapidly switching between different weapons. Quick switch glitch A process which allows players to skip the bolt cycling animation by quick switching with bolt-action snipers.

Run boost When a player stands on another's head and jumps while the player below runs. This propels the player on top farther than possible with a normal running jump.

The official strategy guide for the game was published by Versus Books. In just click for source original retail release, a short single-player only training map was included but this was removed when the game was transferred to Steam. In October the news were dropped that Counter-Strike 1. Games Games. Show graph. Counter-Strike gilt Kritikern gewalthaltiger Spiele als das»Killerspiel«schlechthin. Die Prüfinstanz bestimmt, ab welchem Alter ein Spiel hierzulande verkauft. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Plattform: Microsoft XBOX Genre: Shooter (​Taktik). Publisher. Valve Software. Altersfreigabe. Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren. Der aktuelle Ableger der beliebten Shooter-Reihe bietet vereinzelte Neuerungen​, am Spielprinzip hat sich aber nichts groß verändert. Er spielt CS: GO – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In dem Das Spiel hat eine Altersfreigabe ab 16 Jahren, er darf das also. Er erklärt uns. Unter Umgehung von Altersgrenzen gelingt es vielen Jugendlichen häufig, Kaum ein Spiel wird im gleichen Ausmaß diskutiert wie „Counter-Strike“, weil es. Counter Strike Alter Der klassische Modus ist in Runden unterteilt. Der Einstieg in den Mehrspielermodus verlangt click to see more einiges click the following article Frustresistenz von der Spielerschaft, kann dafür aber vor allem innerhalb einer eingeschworenen Mannschaft begeistern. Weibliche Spieler greifen weit weniger zu gewalttätigen Spielen, aber durch die Diskussion über "Counter-Strike" nach dem Amoklauf von Erfurt ist der Anteil der Mädchen unter 18 Jahren auf 20 Prozent gestiegen. März In: GameStar. Wie bereits in Austin gewann Gambit das Finalspiel des Majors. Januar deutsch. Für Spieler, die den Operation-Pass nicht erworben haben, steht das Competitive Matchmaking auf den Operationsspielkarten ohne erweiterte Spielmodi zur Verfügung. Klassischerweise bietet Counter-Strike eine Chatfunktion. Auf einer Seite Inhaltsverzeichnis. Die Maps, auf welcher ein Spieler spielen möchte, kann dieser vorher bestimmen. Kommentare einblenden. Der Einstieg in den Mehrspielermodus verlangt zwar einiges an Frustresistenz von der Spielerschaft, kann dafür aber vor allem click einer eingeschworenen Mannschaft begeistern. Im Verlaufe des Jahres warben immer mehr Veranstalter mit sechsstelligen Preisgeldern auf ihren Wettbewerben. Shacknews LTD, Juniabgerufen am Jede Seite besteht aus genau fünf Spielern, welche ein Team bilden müssen und damit für read article Rest des Wettkampfs zusammenbleiben.


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