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The regime, which was very similar to the German Third Reich , was never put on trial. A victor splintered and embittered, careening into the Third Reich.

Prag Battle, as happens, had already much chilled the ardor of the Reich! Maps were published, beyond the Rhine, showing large portions of Belgium painted in imperial red, like the rest of the Reich.

Reich believed that emotional problems resulted from sexual repression. The Reich has its potentialities, its formulas not quite dead; but is a sad imbroglio.

Lasset die Kindlein zu mir kommen, und wehret ihnen nicht; denn solcher ist das Reich Gottes. Are you learning new vocabulary?

Or do you just have an interest in words? Either way, this quiz is for you. Origin of Reich 1 —25; Reich 2.

Stephen Michael Steve ,born , U. Example sentences from the Web for reich He thus appointed Strauss to the post of president of the Reich Chamber of Music in The word Kaiserreich is applied to denote an empire with an emperor ; hence the German Empire of — is termed Deutsches Kaiserreich in standard works of reference.

The history of the nation-state known as the German Reich is commonly divided into three periods:. The Nazi regime was sometimes contemporaneously called the "Third Reich" in common language, counting the Holy Roman Empire as the first and the German Empire as the second, and ignoring the Weimar Republic, but the use of this term is mostly retrospective.

The Federal Republic of Germany asserted, following its establishment in , that within its boundaries it was the sole legal continuation of the German Reich; and consequently not a successor state.

Nevertheless, the Federal Republic did not maintain the specific title 'German Reich'; and so consistently replaced the prefix "Reichs" in all official titles and designations with "Bundes".

Hence, the Reichskanzler became the Bundeskanzler. Following German reunification in , the expanded Federal Republic describes itself as 'United Germany'; emphasising that Germany does not now recognise any territories outside its united boundaries, but ever included in the former German Reich, as having a valid claim to be a part of Germany as a whole.

The name Deutsches Reich was occasionally applied in contemporary maps to the Holy Roman Empire — , also called "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation" from the 16th century onwards, though it constituted a supranational entity extending beyond the frontiers of the German language area Sprachraum.

The first attempt to establish a "German Empire" during the March Revolution by the Frankfurt Constitution ultimately failed: it was aborted by the monarchs of the German Confederation , especially by the King of Prussia , fighting German nationalism , which then was tied to the idea of popular sovereignty.

This name was made the official state name only during the last two years —45 of Nazi rule under Adolf Hitler , [3] although the change was never proclaimed.

After World War II , the denotation "German Reich " quickly fell into disuse in Allied-occupied Germany , however, and the state's continued existence remained a matter of debate; the post-war Bonn Republic maintained the continued existence of the German Reich as an 'overall state", but dormant while East and West Germany continued to be divided.

Nevertheless, when Germany was reunited in the term "German Reich " was not revived as a title for the Berlin Republic. The German word Reich translates to the English word "empire" it also translates to such words as "realm" or "domain".

However, this translation was not used throughout the full existence of the German Reich. Historically, only Germany from to — when Germany was under the rule of an emperor Kaiser — is known in English as the "German Empire" Deutsches Kaiserreich in German historiography , while the term "German Reich" describes Germany from to Bavaria and Saxony were united with Prussia under imperial rule, by the Hohenzollern dynasty.

The title "German Emperor" was a compromise; Wilhelm I had wanted the title of "Emperor of Germany", but Bismarck refused this, so as to avoid implying a claim to extended monarchical authority over non-Prussian German kingdoms.

On 14 April , the Reichstag parliament passed the Constitution of the German Empire Verfassung des Deutschen Reiches , which was published two days later.

However, originating from the North German Confederation , the Empire never comprised all "German" lands; as it excluded Luxembourg , and those Cisleithanian crown lands of Austria-Hungary which had been part of the former German Confederation until Moreover, it included the whole of the Kingdom of Prussia , the eastern parts of which had never been included in historic German lands.

The unification under Prussian leadership manifested Bismarck's "Lesser German" solution of the German question after the Austro-Prussian War of , realised with the support of his national liberal allies.

On the other hand, the German Reich of comprised extended Prussian territories with large non-German sections of the population, like Posen , West Prussia or Schleswig , and also territories with predominantly German populations which had never been constitutionally "German", such as East Prussia.

Bismarck was otherwise unable, however, to avoid the term German Reich acquiring connotations from the English term "empire" or the Dutch term "rijk"; especially in emulation of late 19th century Imperialism , as exemplified by the British Empire , the Dutch Empire and the French colonial empire.

Although a latecomer and against Bismarck's pleading , the German Empire established colonies in modern Togo , Cameroon , Namibia , Tanzania and Polynesia ; with an extensive naval capability to support these.

At the same time strong Pan-Germanic political forces emerged, pressing for the borders of the Reich to be extended into a German-led central European multi-ethnic empire, emulating and rivalling Imperial Russia to the east.

Apart from official documents, post-World War I Germany was referred to as the "German Reich" — never as the "German Empire" — for example, by British politicians [7] —and the word "Reich" was used untranslated by Allied prosecutors throughout the Nuremberg Trials , with "German Empire" only used to describe Germany before it became a federal republic in At the Unification of Germany aside from Austria , the Reich was established constitutionally as a federation of monarchies, each having entered the federation with a defined territory; and consequently the unitary nationalism of the 'German Reich' was initially specified at Article 1 of the constitution in territorial terms, as the lands within the former boundaries of this particular subset of German monarchies.

This transition became formalised in the constitution of the Weimar Republic , [10] where Article 1 identifies the Reich as deriving its authority from the German national people, while Article 2 identifies the state territory under the Reich as the lands which, at the time of the constitution's adoption, were within the authority of the German state.

The identity of Reich and people ran both ways—not only did the institutions of the German state derive their legitimacy from the German people, so, too, the German people derived their inherent identity and patriotic duties from their being collectively constituted as an organ and institution of the German Reich.

The — republic , which was also called German Reich, was ignored and denounced by the Nazis as a historical aberration.

The name "Weimar Republic" was first used in after Hitler referred to the period as the " Republik von Weimar " Republic of Weimar at a rally in Munich with the term later becoming mainstream during the s both within and outside Germany.

A book entitled Das Dritte Reich by Arthur Moeller van den Bruck [15] counted the medieval Holy Roman Empire as the first and the — monarchy as the second, which was then to be followed by a "reinvigorated" third one.

On 8 May , with the capitulation of the German armed forces, the supreme command of the Wehrmacht was handed over to the Allies.

The Allies refused to recognise Karl Dönitz as Reichspräsident or to recognise the legitimacy of his Flensburg Government so-called because it was based at Flensburg and controlled only a small area around the town and, on 5 June , the four powers signed the Berlin Declaration and assumed de jure supreme authority with respect to Germany.

At the Potsdam Conference , Allied-occupied Germany was defined as comprising "Germany as a whole"; and was divided into British , French , American and Soviet occupation zones; while the Allied Powers exercised the state authority assumed by the Berlin Declaration in transferring the former eastern territories of the German Reich east of the Oder—Neisse line to the Republic of Poland and the Soviet Union.

The court ruled that since the Federal Republic FRG had been partially identical with the German Reich and not merely its successor.

This was explained as being because the German Democratic Republic was beyond FRG authority and because the Allied powers still had jurisdiction where "Germany as a whole" was concerned.

Nevertheless, the Court insisted that within the territory of the Federal Republic, the GDR could only be considered as one de jure German state amongst others, on the analogy of the pre-existing de jure German states that in had come together as the Federal Republic; and hence, like them, could never be accorded by the organs of the Federal Republic full recognition as a state in international law; even though the Federal Constitutional Court recognised that, within international law, the GDR was indeed an independent sovereign state.

The constitutional status of the GDR under the Basic Law still differed from that of the Länder of the Federal Republic, in that the GDR had not declared its accession to the Basic Law; but the Constitutional Court maintained that the Basic Treaty was consistent with the GDR declaring its accession at some time in the future in accordance with its own constitution; and hence the Court determined that in recognising the GDR as a de jure German State, the Basic Treaty could be interpreted as facilitating the reunification of the German Reich as indeed it eventually did.

So long as any de jure German state remained separated from the rest, the German Reich could continue to exist only in suspension; but should the GDR be reunited with the Federal Republic, the Reich would once more be fully capable of action as a sovereign state.

After , however, the claimed identity of the Federal Republic with the German Reich was not recognised by most other countries of the world.

The Soviet Union, the three Western allies, and most other Western countries regarded the German Reich as still being one nation — not synonymous with either the West or East German state but rather the two states in collective.

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